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Jai-Jagdeesh is grown up with Kirtan in her blood and has already published four wonderful CDs, which have imprinted her melodies and her voice deeply into the hearts of listeners and practitioners worldwide.
Jai-Jagdeesh represents pure creativity, for she is not only a singer. Her artistic abilities are expressed as well in acting, dance Photography and Poetry and in her radiant presence. Since a couple of years music has become her innermost expression und now she puts all her soulpower into the sharing of her spiritual songs.
Jai-Jagdeesh' compositions enrich the Mantras of Kundalini Yoga with a unique experience. Listening is impacting and touching, but still it rests inside of a comfortable Ambience. Her sensible producer Krishan adds to her CDs the quality, which will make them classics of mantra-music.

Hier is a poem from her:

Love opens up the day
Guides us on our way
Illuminates the path we are to walk
Love lifts us high

Precious love we hold
In the center of the soul
My love embraces you
Long after we have said our goodbyes

And I'll be with you

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CDs by Jai-Jagdeesh

I am Thine - Jai Jagdeesh CD

I am Thine - Jai Jagdeesh CDite. Jai-Jagdeesh’s voice is timeless, rich and voluptuous and is tastefully supplemented by an exquisite ambiente of sounds.

The Expansive Spirit - Jai Jagdeesh CD

The Expansive Spirit - Jai Jagdeesh CDOn her Meditations for Transformation project, The Expansive Spirit, gifted singer Jai-Jagdeesh takes you deep into the heart of three amazing Kundalini Yoga meditations.

Of Heaven and Earth - Jai Jagdeesh CD

Of Heaven and Earth - Jai Jagdeesh CDJai-Jagdeesh’s album Of Heaven and Earth is filled with the soul-stirring longing of the search for meaning in the life of a spiritual nomad. Jai-Jagdeesh’s voice is great, full of surrender and carries a fantastic Blues.

Miracles Abound - Jai-Jagdeesh CD

Miracles Abound - Jai-Jagdeesh CDWith her album "Miracles Abound", Jai-Jagdeesh invites you to join her on a journey to welcome and awaken miracles in your life.

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