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Music for Meditation by Gurudass Kaur

Gurudass Kaur started practicing Kundalini Yoga at the University of Massachuseets in 1971 at 19 years old . She was fortunate to have a teacher who was also a musician and encouraged all the ashrams members to chant together every evening before bed and also during sadhana time! From this time forward she "found her voice" and her love of mantra chanting and since then has been practicing, studying, teaching, leading, recording and offering Kirtan performances internationally.

Gurudass has recorded many mantra CD's and added her voice to those of other musicians over the years. Not long ago she collaborated with the german Band MARDANA (Gurbasant Singh, Gurusurya Singh and SatKaram Kaur) to create her best selling album Lovingly . Her newest album is called Heart to Heart and is co-produced by Gurbasant Singh and Ram Dass Singh from California.

Gurudass Kaur brings to the realm of mantra music a beautiful depth of voice and feeling that evoke an immediate connection to the state of consciousness that the mantra offers.

With her big heart and role as assistant Program Director for the International Kundalini Yoga Festival Gurudass has been leading the All Camp Mantra and creatively designing the movements that accompany them. Her DVD called Mantras in Motion is a tribute to this wonderful and relaxing technique called Celestial Communication.

As a Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer for both Level I and Level II she travels the world offering teacher training courses, weekends on Sound and Mantra and interactive Kirtan experiences. She also offers her ChildplayYoga training program internationally, a program for training adults to play creatively and yogically with children. It is the Yoga of Fun! and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with one's own inner child.

I am the light of the soul live from the european Yogafestival

CDs by Gurudass Kaur

Heart to Heart - Gurudass Kaur CD

Heart to Heart - Gurudass Kaur CDOn Heart to Heart, Gurudass Kaur’s distinctive vocal harmonies and deeply moving musical charisma carries gently rhythmic and melodic Mantras to open up a deep meditative space. Includes many meditations from the European Yoga Festival!

Lovingly - Gurudass Kaur CD

Lovingly - Gurudass Kaur CDGurudass Kaur's unique Top-Seller album Lovingly contains most wonderful spiritual mantra- and chant music, including a 28-page booklet containing all mantras and meditation-movements explained in five different languages.

Guru Ram Das - Gurudass Kaur CD

Guru Ram Das - Gurudass Kaur CDThe Guru Ram Das mantra by Gurudass Kaur is a 31 minute meditation excerpt from her upcoming album Heart ot Heart.

Aad Gur-e Nameh - Gurudass Kaur CD

Aad Gur-e Nameh - Gurudass Kaur CDFrom her series of beautiful Kundalini Yoga Festival Meditations, Gurudass Kaur presents here the mantra for 2014: "Aad Gur-e Nameh" in a 31-minute long-play version, ideal for long meditations, but also perfect for relaxation.

Mantras in Motion - Gurudass Kaur Khalsa DVD

Mantras in Motion - Gurudass Kaur Khalsa DVDThe DVD Mantras in Motion is a unique yogic tool. Gurudass Kaur shows how we can find balance and relaxation in our Spirit and Body amid the pressure of our modern life by using the flowing movements of the so-called Celestial Communications.

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