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Mantra Music from Chardi Kala Jatha

Chardhi Kala Jatha comprises of the three musicians Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, Sada Sat Singh Khalsa and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa. They perform classical Gurbani Kirtan in traditional Indian Raag.

The combination with Kundalini Yoga Mantras makes their music a very special spiritual experience. The Mantras penetrate your consciousness and open your tenth gate - the seventh chakra.

Chardhi Kala Jatha travel around the globe and perform Gurbani Kirtan in various Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) and Yoga Centres. They even play regularly at the Harimandir Sahib, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, a very sacred place to which only a few musicians are allowed to play.

At the European Yoga Festival in France, Chardhi Kala Jatha blesses Yogis and Yoginis from around the world with their masterful musical presence.

All three musicians originally come from the USA, but grew up mainly in India, where they still have their roots today. Their well-founded, years-long studies of Gurbani Kirtan and the classical Indian Raaga have enabled them to play Mantra and Kirtan like no other spiritual music group. You can immediately feel that authentic, spiritual vibration of India, and before your inner eye immerse holy temples and sacred places which invite you to stay while listening to the divine music...

CDs from Chardi Kala Jatha

Mantras from Jaap Sahib - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

Mantras from Jaap Sahib - Chardi Kala Jatha CDHere are powerful mantras from Jaap Sahib in classical indian music stlye, sung in traditional Raag by Chardi Kala Jatha, deeply authentic and very meditative. These mantras are perfect for meditation or the practice of yoga.
New production arrived - finally available again!

Sadhana - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

Sadhana - Chardi Kala Jatha CDAn exceptional Sadhana album, sung in classical raag by Chardi Kala Jatha and with beautiful indian instrumentation.
New production arrived - finally available again!

Ichhaa Purakh - Charhdi Kalaa Jatha CD

Ichhaa Purakh - Charhdi Kalaa Jatha CDClassical Indian music, sung in traditional Raag. Deep male voices blend together beautifully accompanied by intricate tabla playing, harmonium, and Indian violin.

Mera Man Sadh Janaa - Chardi Kala Jatha CD

Mera Man Sadh Janaa - Chardi Kala Jatha CDMeraa Man Saadh Janaa is an album of classical Indian music, sung in traditional Raag. On this album, Chardi Kala Jatha guide the listener into the space of their incredible and powerfully-intense Kirtan.

Similar & Interesting

Adi Shakti - Gurudass CD

Adi Shakti - Gurudass CDThis CD features two classical Kundalini Yoga Mantras: Adi Shakti and Gobinde Mukande, each sung in a length of 31 minutes which is considered an ideal meditation time for transformation and for experience deeper layers of the self.

Ocean - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Ocean - Mirabai Ceiba CDWith Ocean, Mirabai Ceiba offer a perfect companion CD for yoga, relaxation, meditation and healing, with Gurmukhi-Mantras, English and Spanish.

Flores - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Flores - Mirabai Ceiba CDRelaxing music with a touch of Latin America: Love, Life and the Divine in us – full of devotion and with the rhythms of the heart.

Sat Narayan - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Sat Narayan - Mirabai Ceiba CDThe Mantra "Sat Narayan..." brings inner peace, happiness and prosperity. Carried by the wonderful voices of Mirabai, it makes us realize the Infinity of the One Spirit.

The Heart of Healing - Mirabai Ceiba

The Heart of Healing - Mirabai CeibaTwo meditations, each 31 Minutes, with the wonderful music of Mirabai Ceiba, with instructions for bringing healing to your entire lineage, from your ancestors to your future.

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