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 Ballads of the Khalsa - Various Artists, 2 CDs

Ballads of the Khalsa - Various Artists, 2 CDs

Item No: KH-529
11,90  incl. 19% VAT

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We are happy and honoured to present to you a unique collection of rare songs - jewels of beautiful musical ballads especially from the “early years” of 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization). They reflect and embrace with deep love the wisdom, enlightenment and joy of the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, gracefully delivered to us through Yogi Bhajan.

All Songs are in their original versions; Most of them were found only on old cassettes with damages in quality and sound. The were digitally restore as well as possible to make them available again for your listening. However, please listen with tolerance, as some passages could not be restored fully anymore. Please listen with your heart and merge with the beauty of every song.

May these tales, praises and prayers touch you, and may their spirit uplift you, inspire and guide you on your path!



  • In The Hours Of Ambrosia (Avtar Singh) 04:56
  • Chanting Sat Nam (Guru Singh & Friends) 04:45
  • You Can Learn (Singh Kaur) 06:21
  • Guru Ram Das Ballad (Guru Dass Singh) 05:16
  • One In The Spirit (Khalsa String Band) 04:45
  • Flowers In The Rain (Cover Version) 05:35
  • Ballad Of The Khalsa (Khalsa String Band) 09:26
  • In the House where Holy men dwell (Stephen Josephs FKA Gurushabd S. Khalsa) 04:17
  • Song Of The Khalsa (Livtar Singh) 08:03
  • Forty Liberated Ones (Khalsa String Band) 06:47
  • Promises (Sat Peter Singh) 06:41
  • You Are My Lover Lord, classic version (Krishna Kaur) 01:33


  • Odyssey At Dawn (Avtar Singh) 06:43
  • Siblings Of Destiny (Guru Dass Singh & Kaur)03:30
  • Birthday Song - On This Day (Livtar Singh) 03:49
  • Morning Wake Up Song (Guru Singh) 05:08
  • House of the 4th Guru (Livtar Singh) 04:46
  • Captain Karma (Stephen Josephs FKA Gurushabd S. Khalsa) 03:00
  • Walking Up The Mountain (Guru Dass Singh & Krishna Kaur) 07:34
  • Flowers In The Rain (Guru Dass Singh) 05:27
  • Everything Is Within The Home (Mata Mandir Singh) 07:28
  • Times (Singh Kaur) 06:12
  • Himalaya (Sat Peter Singh) 06:58
  • Guru Ram Das Lullaby (Stephen Josephs FKA Gurushabd S. Khalsa) 05:57
  • The Games Of Maya Are Many (Mata Mandir Singh) 01:07

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