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 Temples of the Himalayan Masters - Merlino CD

Temples of the Himalayan Masters - Merlino CD

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Fly high on the wings of your spirit.
Feel the presence of the beings of light guarding your journey
to the vast and hidden places of the Himalayas.

Celestial soundscapes carry and guide you.

You are floating with the clearing power of the Holy Waters of Ganga.
At times you hear chanting monks from the temple of Swami Shivananda in Rishikesh,
the holy place at the feet of the Himalayas.

Sound magician Merlino has designed this album, Temples of the Himalayan Masters, as one continuous piece of flowing music, allowing you to dive deep within and let yourself immerse in the warm light of sound and the majesty of the Himalayan mountains.


  • 01 Liberation and Lightness (08:32)
  • 02 The Clearing Power of the Holy Waters of Ganga (13:31)
  • 03 The Sacred Temples of ther Masters (42:04)

Total time: 64:09

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