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Shakti & Shiva

Divine Mantra Music Mission

The German musician couple Shakti & Shiva is one of the most recent enrichments to the spiritual music scene. Their first joint album Dance and Meditate convinced the audience as a sound experience of the very special kind. "Your ears shall be pleased" ... is the motto of the two musicians who can convey the fun, the joy of life and danceability of the music as well as emotional, meditative compositions of Kundalini Yoga Mantras.

The combination of electronic and acoustic instruments creates a virtually unique musical form. Shakti & Shiva combine elements of dance, trance, groove, chill-out and lounge with world music, and or course classic and traditional mantra singing. The variety of the sound colors stands for the cosmic play of female (Shakti) and male (Shiva) polarities. The music of Shakti & Shiva is versatile: on the one hand with a powerful, dynamic expression, which invites directly to participate, sing along and dance, on the other the gentle, dignified and quiet side of being, expressed by the beautiful harmony of their voices and sound works, finally accomplished in the divine dance of Shakti and Shiva.

Singer Sigi Vikrampal Kaur Härmand lived in Hamburg for several years before moving to the Rhine-Main area. In her youth she learned to play the flute and was enthusiastic about melodica and xylophone before she converted her love of music into singing and dance choreography. As a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, she has been actively teaching in Frankfurt for several years. As a coach for work, business and health, she shares her many years of experience in human resources and medicine. Her creativity is expressed through her singing, through musical compositions and as an author.

Sound artist and composer Ralf Ram Jivan Singh Schönwiese lives and loves music since his childhood - following a classical piano education, the expansion was followed in the direction of electronic production techniques. He realized quickly that the composition of music was particularly fascinating. After his graduation as a diploma sound engineer and the further study of diploma media design, many assignments followed as composer and sound designer for well-known companies. In addition to his creative work as a lecturer and teacher at Mainz University, he also gives his knowledge to students from the fields of sound engineering, media and sound design. When he got together with Shakti, he found access to the mantras and sound currents of Kundalini Yoga, transforming them into a new form of sound.


Shakti & Shiva

Shakti & Shiva

Shakti & Shiva

Shakti & Shiva

Shakti & Shiva

CDs by Shakti & Shiva

A Rhythm of Light - Shakti & Shiva CD

A Rhythm of Light - Shakti & Shiva CDShakti & Shiva kombinieren auf A Rhythm of Light Mantras und Akustik-Instrumente genial mit kraftvollen, elektronischen Sounds – lebendig und abwechslungsreich, gleichzetig besinnlich und meditativ.

Dance and Meditate! - Shakti & Shiva CD

Dance and Meditate! - Shakti & Shiva CDDance and Meditate! verbindet kraftvolle Kundalini Yoga Mantras mit modernen Sounds und Rhythmen. Eine einzigartige Musik entsteht, die mitten ins Herz und in die Füße geht!

Universal Consciousness - Shakti & Shiva CD

Universal Consciousness - Shakti & Shiva CDMit Universal Consciousness erzeugt das Musikerpaar Shakti & Shiva eine harmonische Komposition aus Klang und Energie, bei der kraftvolle elektronische Sounds, packende Grooves und meditative Klangfarben mit akustischen Instrumenten und Kundalini-Mantras kombiniert werden.

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Kundalini Technology - Kamari & Manvir CD

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Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CD

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Rhythms of Yoga - Various Artists CD

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Bhangra Remix - Kundalini Yoga Fusion Mix by Krishan CD

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Kundalini Chillout - Various Artists CD

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