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Mantra Music by Ram Singh

Ram Singh is a rare shooting star. Both his second album Eleven, and his Sadhana album One Bright Morning, convince through their distinctive, meditative character. Ram Singh's soft and soothing voice conveys peace, protection and warmth and thus takes the mantras deep into your heart.

Ram Singh grew up in West Africa (Togo and Benin), where he learned about the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga and the spiritual music of Sikh Dharma at an early age. Musically, he is also influenced by African music and by Reggae. Between 2003 and 2005, he sang, played guitar and percussions on three different CD's, which lead him to work on his own musical project.

Ram Singh - Live

Ram Singh is currently living in Paris, where he is teaching Yoga. He uses spiritual chanting as a tool for meditation and divine alignment both in concert as well as in his Yoga-classes.

After his album Har Ji, Ram Singh released his new CD Eleven with mantras and chants supported by sounds and instruments from different musical traditions such as Cello, Nay (Persian flute) and Nyabhingi (Afro-jamaican drums), as well as his Sadhana CD One Bright Morning, in which he follows up on his musical art in a most inspiring and elevating way, just perfect for starting your day.

CDs by Ram Singh

One Bright Morning - Ram Singh CD

One Bright Morning - Ram Singh CDWith beautiful melodies, gentle rhythms and his unique voice, Ram Singh with this Sadhana music presents you the perfect ground for meditation and indepth relaxation.

Eleven - Ram Singh CD

Eleven - Ram Singh CDOn his album Eleven, Ram Singh's soft and gentle voice is like a warm blanket in which you can feel piece, coziness and wamth.

Har Ji - Ram Singh CD

Har Ji - Ram Singh CDOne of the Top-Hits at the European Yoga Festival. From zero to the top, as we rarly see it. Ram Singh's debut album Har Ji touches the listner with his warm voice and an incomparable meditative space.

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