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 Meditation of the directions - Jabrane Sebnat CD

Meditation of the directions - Jabrane Sebnat CD

Moments from Jabrane Mohamed Sebnat

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The Meditation of the directions is the story of nine simple movements. They were received in dream-time by a young explorer from the Atlas mountains, a long time ago. The movements were among many other things that converged together to help him heal a terminal illness. After recovering, the young explorer set himself free to travel and experience the world. During his journeys he shared some of the movements with the people. Many years later they became a popular meditation among them. For many of them, it is a daily practice and - it works.

Where do these movements for the meditation of the directions actually come from? Why are they called Meditation of the Directions?
Just know that these movements were originally assembled the first time in Formentera by Jabrane Sebnat and a couple of friends. They were called the Meditation of the Directions. They were given later to the Alifia International Institute for Holistic studies to promote them.
Today this meditation of the directions is practised in spiritual schools, therapeutic and artistic communities, dance schools, theatre groups, fitness centres and many other places.

This CD contains the original music for the meditation of the directions. You will notice that the movements are similar to many other practices: Sufi dances, Yoga, Tai chi, Dervish Dance, Sun Dance, Aerobics, Belly Dance.


  • North air (7:37)
  • East-west-fire-earth (7:18)
  • South water (7:37)
  • The directions together (7:38)
  • The Dervish Dance (7:37)
  • The sufi"hou" (7:27)
  • The christ position (7:34)
  • The infinite Movement (7:43)
  • Lying-sitting (7:23)

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