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 Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Chanting - Mantra Girl DVD

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Chanting - Mantra Girl DVD

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This DVD is a new level of learning for at-Home Kundalini Yoga!
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting by Mantra Girl (Erin Kamler) is made for beginners and intermediate level, but is suitable for all. Designed to balance the chakras and cultivate prosperity, this Kundalini Yoga DVD also includes wonderful and effective exercises to clean your energy field of any negativity it may have picked up during your day.

In the setting of the beautiful relaxed ocean-front atmosphere of Malibu, California, this comprehensive yoga class helps you strengthen your body, increase flexibility, relax and cultivate a clearer, more focused mind. The Yoga exercises are great fun and the accompanying mantra music with the voice of Mantra Girl will inspire you to really move your body.

Erin Kamler takes you through a great warm up routine, followed by a sequence of Kundalini Yoga exercises and chanting meditations to balance the chakras and to cultivate prosperity. The exercises are not too easy and not too difficult. They will certainly build up your strength and endurance. Beginners can modify the time and do the exdercises as long as it is comfortable. Many of the moves are done while sitting in Easy Pose (cross-legged) and involved arm movements, twisting of the torso or pelvic rocking motions.

The Kundalini Yoga Kriya works up through the body's energy centres one by one, opening the navel point, heart center, and working further. The exercise for the 8th Chakra or Aura surrounding the body will cleanse it of heavy energy picked up from being in negative environments. After this workout, you will feel simply fantastic!

The Introduction to Kundalini Yoga DVD concludes with 2 wonderful meditations: The "Morning Call" with the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru, and a meditation with the mantra Har which is another name for God.

DVD running time = 60:00 minutes.
Language: English.

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