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 Harmonium Sat Nam Travel, Chestnut-Brown

Harmonium Sat Nam Travel, Chestnut-Brown

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Weight: 12,50 kg  12,50 kg
Volume: 21,50 kg  21,50 kg
EAN: 4260110012539
Item No: 28020
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Harmonium Sat Nam Travel - all features at one sight:

  • 32-notes keyboard
  • 2,5 octaves
  • 2 voices for simple to very rich sound
  • 2 drones (base tones)
  • Small and light model, ideal for travel
  • Collapsable for compact transport size
  • Bellow opens sidewards, either left or right
  • 2 number locks
  • Incl. durable, padded nylon bag, black
  • Delivery in a solid metal box
  • Colour: Chestnut-brown

  • Measures (open, ready to play) approx.: Length 48 cm, Width 29 cm, Height 31 cm
  • Measures (folded, closed bellow lid) approx.: Length 48 cm, Width 29 cm, Height 18 cm
  • Weight incl. bag: approx. 8.9 kg

The Harmonium is a classical indian music instrument which originally came to India from Europe and was first established by the English. Throughout time and history, the harmonium found its way into the classical Indian music, where it has become an integral part and a highly valued, popular musical instrument. It is often being used for spiritual and devotional music by many Raagis and musicians.

Raagas, Mantras, Poojas and Shabads, Kirtan, Bhajans and holy songs – especially when travelling or moving from one location to the next one, our Harmonium Sat Nam Travel with its shorter 32-note scale over 2,5 octaves, its compact measures and lighter weight, is the perfect musical companion, offering a vast musical variety.

The rich, soft and warm sounds of the lower keys, coupled with the expressiveness of the higher keys when used for fast solo-passages both support the vocal singing with a warm sound-carpet, as well as being a perfectly brilliant and outstanding solo instrument when needed as such.

Our Harmonium Sat Nam Travel is great for stationary use, but its real strength lies in in the smaller and lighter construction, making it easy to transport to any place of your choice. Additionally, it is collapsable: with a few, simple steps the Harmonium can be collapsed to a very compact size, allowing you to easily take it with you anywhere you like.

This compact Travel-Harmonium offers a long reverberation which allows you to play also more silent, almost whispering tones. Its unique sound derives from the selection of special Reeds - sound producing metal tongues – which swing even with little air. It is the interaction between the Reeds and the sound-enfolding wooden parts of the Harmonium which creates the touching and natural sounds that make the Harmonium so popular and, with open lid and stronger pumping movements, allow you to also use the Harmonium as a powerful and leading instrument.

The shorter Keyboard offers 32 tones over 2,5 octaves. Additionally, the 2 different voices ranging from a simple-tone to a rich and full sound, and the 2 Drones (harmonizing base tones which can be preset, for example to play solo upon a layer of these base sounds) create a clean, warm and rich sound with a large musical spectrum.

The bellow has enough power and is optimized for easily creating a sound by pumping air into the Harmonium, giving you a comfortable, quickly responding playing experience. Like this, many different playing volumes are possible. The bellow opens sidewards and is held by two brackets, left and right, providing a large volume and allowing both, right- and lefthanders to play the Harmonium comfortably.

Note: Since each Harmonium is a handmade, unique single-piece, the color of the wood can vary a bit from the displayed photos, and can sometimes be a bit brighter or a bit darker.

Accompanying book available: How to Play Harmonium with basics, care tips and picture chart for learning, practising and performing the Harmonium:

How to play Harmonium - Rakesh Sharma How to play Harmonium - Rakesh Sharma.

We are sorry that for this item the yoga teacher discount is not applicable.

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