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Tam Tam Gong Chao Luo (Wuhan)

Tam Tam Gong Chao Luo (Wuhan)

50 to 90 cm , incl. matching mallet
Premium quality

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Weight: 5,90 kg  5,90 kg
Volume: 29,90 kg  29,90 kg
EAN: 4260110012706
Item No: 28050/1
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The Tam Tam Gong is an East Asian Metal Gong with indefinite pitch, quality-made in the Wuhan Region in China. It is also known as Chau Lou ("Fire Gong") and consists of a flat, plate-shaped disc, the edge of which is generously bent over.

The black surface is derived from slag residues during the casting of bronze, the Golden area is created by carefully veering off the slag residues. During the veering process, the Tam Tam Gong is simultaneously hardened by hammering and thereby the material is compressed at specific areass. The innermost center is always slighty driven inward.

The Tam Tam Gong is of premoum quality and responds very well: a simple, deep hit on the gong is sufficient and the vibration seems to continue infinitely - all pervading, all touching.

Available in 5 sizes (please select):

  • 50 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 70 cm
  • 80 cm
  • 90 cm

Comes with a matching mallet!

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