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Gong Stand, solid beech wood

Gong Stand, solid beech wood

4 sizes: 45 to 90 cm . Closed at the bottom, square

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Weight: 6,00 kg  6,00 kg
Volume: 29,90 kg  29,90 kg
EAN: 4260110012805
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The gong stand made of solid beech offers both, functionality and stability as well as aesthetics. The simple clip system with perfectly fitting wooden pegs allows rapid assembly making this gong stand also ideal for mobile use. The quality craftsmanship also contributes to a very good stability. All parts are milled shapely, the surfaces are very finely burnished and treated with wax this is harmony for touch and sight and ensures durability.

The "Gong space" of the Gong stand is such that the respective Gong has about 3 cm of space to both sides. Depending on your needs or available space, it may be useful to select the next larger size Gong stand. With a gong stand in the next larger size, all sides will have about the same distance making the overall presence even more harmonious and can be beneficial especially in therapeutic Gong playing that is performed over the entire surface of the Gong.

Available in 3 sizes (please select):

  • for Gongs up to 60 cm
    Capacity measure inside: 66 cm
    Total measures width x height x depth (feet): 86 x 88 x 42 cm
  • for Gongs up to 70 cm
    Capacity measure inside: 76 cm
    Total measures width x height x depth (feet): 96 x 102 x 46 cm
  • for Gongs up to 80 cm
    Capacity measure inside: 86 cm
    Total measures width x height x depth (feet): 108 x 113 x 52 cm
  • for Gongs up to 90 cm
    Capacity measure inside: 96 cm
    Total measures width x height x depth (feet): 119 x 122 x 52 cm

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