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Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Gurunam Singh Khalsa (don't mistake him for Gurunam Jospeh Michael Levry, the Numerology and Kaballah teacher) shows through his music his devotion for uplifting sounds, which he has composed and perfected in many hours sitting and practising in the Sikh Temple in Espanola, USA.

At age 22, he first got to know the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma. From that time on, he spent his time deepening his meditation experience and combining it with his music. His soft, deep voice may remind you of Krishna Dass or James Taylor. His compositions, evolving from his yogic practice, are both powerful and humble AND very enticing to sing along.

His music is a beautiful blend of different traditions and styles of music; Gospel, Folk, Country, classical Indian Raag and Sikh music to name just a few. Gurunam himself says about his music: "The music does all the work itself. The power of the mantras. I just get out of the way and then it's my blessing, like everyone else who comes to a kirtan, just to be there, to be part of that energy... to sing."

Pritam Singh, former employee at Sat Nam Europe, still enjoys the memory of a little story with Gurunam Singh: "It was the Winter Solstice Celebration in 2004. I was totally exhausted after doing kitchen seva and I was looking for a quiet place to relax... and I found myself sitting next to Gurunam. When he recognised my exhaustion, he invited me to sit back and close my eyes and the he sang Silent Moonlight Meditation and two other songs of his: those 15 minutes were more relaxing than a good nights sleep. This beautifully intimate experience of the power of Gurunams voice & music will stay with me forever!"

Gurunam is regularly teaching workshops and giving concerts in many countries around the world. He has also been several times at the Kundalini Yoga Festival Oberlethe in Germany.

For more information on Gurunam, please visit:

Gurunam Singh Khalsa - live

CDs from Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Union - Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Union - Gurunam Singh KhalsaOn his CD Union, Gurunam Singh shows impressively that he stands for calm, ballad-like music just as well as for dynamic, driving and "groovy" sounds – he united both in a wonderful balance.

Breath of Devotion - Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Breath of Devotion - Gurunam Singh KhalsaGurunam Singhs voice on his album Breath of Devotion has something magical; it carries you along and invites you to listen thoroughly or chant.

Change - Gurunam Singh CD

Change - Gurunam Singh CDChange by Gurunam Singh is full of the rich, and soulful tones he is known for. For him, this album sees the fruition of a dream, collaborating with producer Thomas Barquee once again added his magical touch to this music.

Silent Moonlight Meditation - Gurunam Singh CD

Silent Moonlight Meditation - Gurunam Singh CDWe have all had that moment in life, haven’t we? The one where we sit under the moon and look at it, really look at it, in silent awe and realize that some small part of us shares its magnificence.

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