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Adi Shakti Yin Crystal Glass 3D Motif Set

Adi Shakti Yin Crystal Glass 3D Motif Set

Diamond Light Decorative Lamp incl. Light Base 18-LED, Silver

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The Adi Shakti, also called Khanda, is the "Nishān", a powerful symbol from the Sikh tradition. The Adi Shakti is also closely linked to the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. The Adi Shakti is an essential, universal symbol that expresses the feminine energy of creation inherent in all things. This model adds extra Yin energy due to its harmonious round shape.

The Adi Shakti symbol consists of four elements:

  • The double-edged sword in the middle, which is also called "Khanda", the sword of truth that separates the true from the false. It symbolizes the power of the Creator.
  • Two equal swords, left and right. These "Kirpans" are called Miri and Piri, symbolizing the balance between justice and selfless service. They teach truth and are associated with the spiritual and temporal aspects of Creation.
  • "Chak", the wheel, the infinite circle. A reminder of the unity and oneness of all creation and its infinite nature: without beginning or end.

The beautiful, radiant 3D motif of the Adi Shakti has been lasered into high-quality crystal glass with high precision and stands on a solid base, which also consists of crystal glass. The crystal glass acts as a magnifying glass and prism and is diamond-cut at the outer ends.

The Adi Shakti 3D crystal glass can be illuminated from below by positioning it on the Light Base with 18 LED lamps included in the set, thus spreading a wonderful light throughout the room. The radiant power of this lively decorative lamp extendswidely, but remains always pleasant, noble and uplifting due to the gentle refraction of light.

The crystal glass 3D motif set "Adi Shakti Yin" consists of:

3D crystal glass

  • Ø approx. 14.5 cm
  • Depth of the round part: 1.5 cm
  • Depth of the crystal glass base: 3.3 cm.
  • Total height (without light base): approx. 16.7 cm

Light base

  • Dimensions (length / width / height): 19.6 x 9.8 x 2.0 cm
  • 18 LED color lamps (5.5 watts, 300 lumens, 1.8 kWh/year)
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Cable length: approx. 120 cm
  • Cable with USB port (can be operated via a laptop, for example)
  • USB power supply adapter, EU plug, 220 Volt.
  • Colour: silver.

Delivered in a high-quality gift box (white, solid cardboard), padded with golden fabric.

Legal marking of LED light:

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