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 Arimedadi Thailam Nimi Ayurveda

Arimedadi Thailam Nimi Ayurveda

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Arimedadi Thailam by Nimi Ayurveda is a Vata and Kapha reducing premium head massage oil, which is also suited for the Shirodhara application (forehead oil pouring).
At the same time it is also an excellent Gandusha – a mouthwash oil for gargling, chewing and oil pulling.
Ayurvedic source text: Sahasrayogam.

Suitable for:

  • Massage of the scalp – leave on for at least 30 mins before washing the hair
  • Shirodhara forehead oil treatment
  • For massaging into the gums
  • For gargling and oil pulling

Available sizes:

  • 200 ml (glass bottle)
  • 500 ml (glass bottle)
Traditional Ayurvedic Oils

Traditional Ayurvedic Oils

Traditional Ayurvedic oils, Nimi and Sree Sankara Ayurveda oils, Vaipani Ayurveda oils and other traditional ayurvedic massage oils in controlled quality.

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Sesamum indicum seed oil, Acacia catechu heart wood, Acacia nilotica stem bark, Cinnamomum camphora exudate, Coscinium fenestratum stem bark, Vetiveria zizanoides root, Coleus aromaticus whole plant, Caesalpinia sappan heart wood, Pterocarpus santalinus wood, DSymplocos racemosa stem bark, Saccharum officinarum stem, Glycyrrhiza glabra stem powder, Woodfordia fruticosa flower, Gmelina arborea fruit, Curcuma longa rhizome powder, Phyllanthus emblica fruit, Terminalia bellerica fruit, Terminalia chebula fruit, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark powder, Elettaria cardamomum seed powder, Cinnamomum tamala leaf, Mesua ferrea flower, Cyperus rotundus rhizome, Rubia cordifolia stem, Ficus benghalensis stem bark, Myristica fragrans fruit powder, Myristica fragrans seed, Eugenia caryophyllus bud powder, Illicium verum seed, Shellac iron oxide, Hordeum vulare whole plant.

Preparation / Usage:

For massaging the scalp. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing the hair. Also very good for massaging the gums.

Storage & Use:

Keep in a cool place away from light



Additional information:

The oil may harden due to temperature. For optimal use, please heat in a 36-40° warm water bath. Shake bottle before use. Contains turmeric, which has a strong yellow colouring.

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