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Meditation stool Maplewood

Meditation stool Maplewood

Measures approx.: height 19 cm, widht 34 cm, depth 14 cm. Inclination 10°

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“Your sitting position should be calm and comfortable.“
- from the yoga sutras of Patanjali

Many people have difficulties with sitting in yoga- or meditation postures, especially when done for a longer period of time. Also there are meditation postures such as sitting on the heels which can be uncomfortable for beginners as well as for advanced meditation experts when performed for a longer period of time.

A meditation stool is a practical companion which aids in any sitting posture for your Yoga or Meditation. The meditation stool enables you especially to do longer sitting sessions without restraining the necessary body position, providing an optimum of support in your meditation posture.

Our Meditation stool Maplewood is designed for supporting several different sitting positions. This is achieved mainly by the centrally fixed double-pillars which guarantee stability as well as leaving enough space for various sitting positions. The 10° degree-angle of the sitting surface is ideal for the sitting comfort of this meditation stool.

In this way, our Meditation stool Maplewood supports longer, comfortable sitting sessions with a straight spine, while at the same time relieving the spine from any pressure derived by sitting wrongly. With its moderate height of 19 cm, the meditation stool is suitable for all kinds of performance and meditation and due to its compact measures it can be taken literally anywhere you like.

Production and material:
Our meditation stool is handcrafted from maple wood in Germany and is hand-polished. The total surface undergoes a special finish in several steps:

  • 2 x glazed with organic glaze
  • 1 x waxed with organic wax
  • specially fine-brushed
  • Due to the crossbar resilient up to 150 kg

The surface is water-repellent.
Measures (approx.): height 19 cm, width 34 cm, depth 14 cm. Angle 10° degrees.

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