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Kamari & Manvir Akashik Recordings

Kamari & Manvir resonate sacred devotional mantra into the consciousness through a fusion of energetic electronic grooves.

Kamari, the master sound wizard, skillfully envelops the beauty of Manvir's multi dimensional tones and melodies into a wide range of musical genres.

Dedicated to serving the yoga community with the ultimate, conscious dance experience, this dynamic duo raise the vibration of popular music through merging it with devotional grace and the power of mantras.

Their music is a parallel expression of the inner journey from darkness to light.

Kamari & Manvir's live performances are incredible - within a few minutes of their beats, grooves and mixes, everyone is up on their feet to join into ecstatic dancing, all held in conscious yogic awareness, and definitely a lot of fun!

Video with Kamari & Manvir "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

CDs by Kamari & Manvir

Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CD

Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CDKamari & Manvir's album Mantra Lounge leads you on an ambient sound-healing journey of sacred Sanskrit & Kundalini Yoga mantras to relax the mind and uplift the spirit.

Kundalini Technology - Kamari & Manvir CD

Kundalini Technology - Kamari & Manvir CDKamari, sound wizard for ambient sounds and grooves in the best tradition of House, Lounge and Chill-Out music, together with female singer Manvir comes out with a totally new sound as a base for chilling Kundalini Mantra Chants.

Aquarian Technology - Kamari & Manvir CD

Aquarian Technology - Kamari & Manvir CDYou have not heard Kundalini Mantras like this before! Kamari is sound wizard, creative mind and groove virtuoso with a new creative vision. Together with Manvir's voice, a lounge-like space is created in which many things are possible: exercise, yoga, relaxation, meditation, trance and dance.

Mantra Evolution - Kamari & Manvir, Feat. Russell Brand CD

Mantra Evolution - Kamari & Manvir, Feat. Russell Brand CDMantra Evolution feat. Russell Brand, by Kamari & Manvir offers the ultimate Conscious Clubbing experience. Intertwining Sacred Mantra and spoken word with upbeat electronic grooves, Kamari & Manvir are creating a unique wave of dance music.

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Adi Shakti - Gurudass CD

Adi Shakti - Gurudass CDThis CD features two classical Kundalini Yoga Mantras: Adi Shakti and Gobinde Mukande, each sung in a length of 31 minutes which is considered an ideal meditation time for transformation and for experience deeper layers of the self.

Longing to Belong - Gurudass CD

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The Aquarian Teacher - Yogi Bhajan, German

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