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Kaash-Set FitVital (bowl + Triphala Ghee)

Kaash-Set FitVital (bowl + Triphala Ghee)

Set with Kaash-bowl and FitVital-Ghee, 50ml

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The energising FitVital Kaash bowl has an uneven and slightly nobby surface. A foot massage with this bowl stimulates the nerve ends and creates a tingling sensation on the soles of the feet. Energy channels get activated and allows the massage to be a relaxing, strengthening and mood enhancing experience.
All the other advantages of a massage with the Kaash bowl such as supporting metabolic and purifying processes, relaxing for eyes and feet, making skin soft smooth, keeping the foot muscles strong and supple, aiding sound sleep and imparting a feeling of freshness and lightness to your step are also characteristic for a foot massage with the Fit-n-Vital bowl.

Made on the basis of Triphala ghee, the FitVital ghee is part of this set. It has been enriched to strengthen the special effects of the energising bowl Fit-n-Vital. The well known roots of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) have been used to give the ghee that additional bit for an energising and strengthening effect. The Ghee is prepared in the traditional Sidha method which ensures safety of use and efficacy of herbs and ghee.

Contains: Kaash-bowl FitVital, 50 ml FitVital-Ghee, Instructions, in a cotton bag.

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