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Yogimat Basic "Sri Yantra", petrol

Yogimat Basic "Sri Yantra", petrol

Measures: 183 cm x 61 cm x 4 mm

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Weight: 1,10 kg  1,10 kg
EAN: 4250193518387
Item No: 4398
24,90  incl. 19% VAT
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The Yogimat basic "Sri Yantra" is a special yoga mat for special people: The Sri Yantra consists of nine intricately interconnected triangles, symbolizing the goddess Tripura Sundari. At the same time, the upward pointing triangles symbolize Shiva (male energy), while the downward-pointing triangles represent the Shakti (female energy). The Sri Yantra is an important symbol of the Shri Vidya tradition and represents a wonderful, universal meditation object.

The yogimat basic is Eco-designed for skin friendliness. It has a stable, non-slippery surface and is lightweight as well as durable in material. This solid standard quality yoga mat isolates well from cold grounds and can be rolled or folded to support any yoga postures.

The Yogimat basic "Sri Yantra" is produced without AZO (solvent) and without DOP (benzene in plasticizer); it is free of phthalates and heavy metals.

Measures: 183 cm x 61 cm x 4 mm
Weight: ca. 1,1 kg
Symbol print: Sri Yantra (printing color: white)
Color (yoga mat): Petrol.

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Yoga mats

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