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Gulkand Rose Petal Jam Santulan, 250 g

Gulkand Rose Petal Jam Santulan, 250 g

Rose Petal Jam

 mid 07/2021
Net Weight: 250 g  250 g
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Gulkand is a light, wonderfully delicious rose-petal squish. According to the science of Ayurveda, rose petals help balancing and excess of Pitta. Therefore, the delicious Gulkand Rose Petal squish is especially recommended on “hot days”, or any time when the level of Pitta is getting too high.

Ingredients: Rose petals, Sharkara sugar.

Recommended use: Daily 1 – 2 teaspoons, pure or on bread, or drink mixed in warm water.

Contents: 250 g.

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Additional product information

Rose Petal Jam


Ingredients (per 100 g): rose petals (Rosa centifolia, 65 g), cane sugar (35 g); Preservatives: Sodium benzoate.

Processing aids:

Preservatives: Sodium benzoate.

Preparation / Usage:

1 -2 x daily 1 teaspoon pure or with milk

Storage & Use:

Guardar en un lugar fresco y seco.


Non-EU agriculture


Santulan Ayurved GmbH, Wörthstrasse 13, DE-81667 München

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