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Summer Classes with the Master - Yogagems with Yogi Bhajan

Summer Classes with the Master - Yogagems with Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan - CD-ROM

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This CD-Rom from the popular yogagems series contains the complete set of Yogi Bhajan's lectures at Master's Touch Courses 2001. It includes the addition of 12 synopses which have not been previously published elsewhere. Beautifully formatted like a book with drawings of postures and photos of Yogiji at each class.

This CD-Rom has a total of 24 synopses - and the topics include:

  • Character of Teacher;
  • Search yourself;
  • Real Love;
  • Celestial Communication;
  • The Fist of Life...

... and many others.

Also included is a list of classes and meditations and a Yogic Glossary. These synopses are often two pages long, up to five, including photographs of Yogi Bhajan taken at each class.

Language: English.

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