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Sheepskin Standard, sheared, ca. 80 - 90 cm

Sheepskin Standard, sheared, ca. 80 - 90 cm

- medicinal tanning, washable -

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This is a wonderfully soft sheepskin with thick, yet short hair which makes it somewhat more compact when rolled together. This sheepskin isolates you perfectly from the ground and is very comfortable for sitting, or laying down and relaxing.

The sheepskin is comfortably balancing the temperatures and neutralizes excess sweat. The especially gentle tanning method of this sheepskin named ”medicinal tanning” preserves the excellent characteristics and properties of the natural lambskin and makes it even washable, so it will last you a very long time.

The Sheepskin Standard has been tested for harmful substances and is awarded the seal Ecotex 100, a guarantee that it is suitable even for sensitive people and babies. Regular periodical examinations, analyses and controls performed by neutral institutes guarantee an perpetual immaculate high quality-sheepskin.

Yogi Bhajan recommended to do Yoga on a sheepskin, because besides ists excellent properties it also isolates your own magentic field (the Aura) from the magentic field of the planet, helping you in the meditative and yogic process.

For Yoga and Meditation, this is the ideal sheepskin which you can take anywhere. Rolled up, it takes only very little space. The sheepskin is fully washable because of its medicinal tanning (wash with 30° C max.).

Hair-length: sheared to approx. 30 mm.
Color: gold-beige.
Leather measure: ca. 80 - 90 cm.

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