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Om Power of Silence - Janusphere CD

Om Power of Silence - Janusphere CD

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OM - Power of Silence containts two meditative journeys into the self.
This music is an extraordinary and extremely well made synthesis of Sound and Silence. Flowing harmonies with incredible depth open up the the mind for creativity and meditation, at the same time grounding the body and allowing it to relax on a cellular level.

Earth and Sun guide you into a timeless space of mental stillness. The tradition of the primal sound OM and the science of modern frequency merge in this CD. Embedded into a finely woven, spherical network of tones and natural sounds, bilaterally harmonising frequencies lead to balancing the activities of the left and right hemisphere of the brain after only a few minutes.

This music is therefore perfect for creative and meditative times, for deep relaxation, for workshops and seminars, and even has a positive influence on plants.

The artist:
OM - Power of Silence has been created by York Wendland for Terra Libra - Seminars for inner Peace, in order to initiate states of physical relaxation in which the mind and senses become sensitive for the inner frequencies.


  • Morphogenesis (25:46)
  • Serafin (23:51)

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