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Intuition Chakra Nimi Premium Incense, 15 sticks

Intuition Chakra Nimi Premium Incense, 15 sticks

With rosemary

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Concentration and subtlety. With rosemary, camphor and cedar oil. Ajna is the brow chakra, which is also called the third eye. It is located between the eyebrows and acts on the control of the endocrine glands and so on mental concentration and subtlety. The Nimi Ayurveda Incense for the brow chakra include rosemary, camphor and cedar oil on a base of Sandal- and lemon powder.

Content: 15 incense sticks.

Welcome to the NIMI Premium Incense:
These are ayurvedic incense sticks in a class, which are manufactured to the highest quality standards using natural materials. Without artificial additives, hand-rolled. No coloring of the support timber. Carefully composed recipes. The beautiful packaging is provided with German labeling. The firing time is up to 45 minutes!

Nimi Ayurveda Incense

Nimi Ayurveda Incense

NIMI Premium Incense Sticks are made entirely from pure natural materials and are hand-rolled. The burning time of NIMI Incense can be up to 55 minutes!

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