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Ajna Chakra Incense Fiore D'Oriente 12 g, 8 pcs.

Ajna Chakra Incense Fiore D'Oriente 12 g, 8 pcs.

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The Fiore D'Oriente Chakra Incense Sticks have been developed for the energy flow therapy. Each Chakra Incense covers a certain oscillating field and refers to the developed seven chakras - our human energy centers

The fragrance blends for our Fiore D'Oriente Chakra Incense Sticks result from the traditional composition of honey, precious fragrance wood dust, essential oils, spices and fragrant resin. This mixture is also called Masala and is being prepared today just as it was 400 years ago. The Fiore D'Oriente incense sticks are manufactured according to the ancient Vedic tradition of India with all its valuable experiences that were passed down through generations, classic by hand, and with only pure natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Masala: honey, precious wood powder, fragrant resin, vegetable oils, herbs, spices, all 100 % natural. Rod length approx. 23 cm, weight per rod about 1.6 to 1.8 g, combustion duration: 65 - 80 minutes with long-lasting fragrance even after incineration.

Ajna Chakra Incense: For the 6th chakra (third eye / brow chakra).
Ajna stands for intuition, wisdom, identity. The union of opposites.

Fiore D'Oriente Chakra Incense

Fiore D'Oriente Chakra Incense

The Fiore D'Oriente Chakra Incense sticks have been specifically designed for the energy-flow therapy. Each type corresponds with a specific Chakra.

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