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Spirulina Pacifica Hawaiian, 250 g - 625 tablets

Spirulina Pacifica Hawaiian, 250 g - 625 tablets

625 tablets, each 400 mg

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Hawaiian Spirulina is one of the algae products with the highest quality in the world. Hawaii has a sunny climate all year round. Located in the Pacific, far from pollution, the farm is located where clean water is available.

In these unique culture conditions - without synthetic chemical fertilizers and with solar energy -Spirulina naturally contains a lot of high-quality nutrients and many organic minerals.

To keep these high-quality ingredients in our Hawaiian Spirulina, it is dried at a temperature below 35 ° Celsius, without air spraying. This patented drying process (Thrill-Ocean) is unique and ensures the highest quality to our customers. The tablets are cold pressed at the farm.

Our age is characterized by a hectic lifestyle, with high stress in an environment laden with pollution. At the same time our diet that requires essential nutrients for the body is not enough. Spirulina is a way to compensate for these shortcomings and to meet our personal needs.
Spirulina provides essential nutrients in a highly concentrated form, thus meeting the needs of the body without extra calories or fat.
Logically this dietary supplement is suitable for all ages, but especially for vegetarians, athletes, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Hawaiian Spirulina combines solar energy with the elemental force of the sea. This spirulina is grown on the sunny coast of Hawaii in the ponds on the lava fields without synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The culture medium used in fresh and rich freshwater to a depth of 600 m see water is full of dissolved minerals nutrients.

Hawaiian Spirulina is a natural multivitamin product that produces large quantities of organic minerals, trace elements, enzymes and pigments available. It is easy to digest and a natural source of valuable nutrients, making it a beneficial food supplement for all.

Ingredients for 100 g:
Spirulina Pacifica Hawaiian powder 98.9%, 1% silica, magnesium stearate 0.1%.

Nutrient profile (average):
Protein> 52%
Minerals <17%
Beta-carotene> 1600mg / kg
All carotenoids> 3500mg / kg
Phycocyanine> 10%
Calories: 100 g = 1500kJ / 375kcal.

Contents: 250 g (625 tablets, each 400 mg).

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