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Meditation Shawl Amritsari with Silk, Silver

Meditation Shawl Amritsari with Silk, Silver

approx. 100 x 200 cm, 85% wool, 15% silk

 end of 02/2022
Weight: 0,34 kg  0,34 kg
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This fine meditation shawl contains for a part pure silk which gives it a special glow and a unique precious touch. The cooling and refreshing grace of the meditation shawl Silver and its cozy-cuddly flair are perfect for people in all stages of life. The classy silver-grey, smoothly interspersed with bright patterns, and the Indian-ornamented border always remain light and friendly while radiating a protective strength and brightfulness. It carries dignity, royalty and excellence.

This meditation shawl comes from Amritsar in northern India. Amritsar is located in the reach of the region Kashmir and the extension of the Himalaya, where the production of wool and the fabrication of shawls has been a tradition for many centuries. Amritsar is known for its production of woolen products and a long tradition of trading which go hand in hand with traditional weaving arts on highest quality levels.
Our Amritsari meditation shawls are of handselected, high-quality standard and carry a unique, beautifully accomplished design in colors and patterns.

Measures: approx. 100 x 200 cm
Material: 85% wool, 15% silk.

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