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Harmony Shakticard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm

Harmony Shakticard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm

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Shakticards is a collection of beautiful artwork inspired by the ancient wisdom of yoga and the mystical touch of the fairy world. The word Shakti originates from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and denominates the primary female energy of creation and manifestation.

The Shakticards collection results from the meeting of the artist and the spiritual seeker. The images, which speak in a gentle yet powerful language, are playful and rich in loving detail. Some years ago the first cards were created as gifts for yoga students in Berlin. By now, the shakticards found many friends around the world.

The Shakticards are very inspiring, each of them carrying a unique message and energy. They are simply beautiful to look at and integrate subtle vibrations and energy fields. You can chose from as many as 23 different Shakticard motives - they are a pleasure to give and receive!

Some of the Shakticards are also available as large-format Shakti Posters.

The artist, Shakti Silke de Sousa, says about her Shakticards:
”I was inspired to create these images. I would like to tell you how I became Shakti. Shakti means power of creation, and in my case it has to do with freedom and happiness, yoga and painting.

I was born in 1965 and grew up in a little village surrounded by beautiful countryside in the Saxon Vogtland, East Germany. To escape the severity of life I used to draw and paint. I later became a graphic designer and ran a little studio in Berlin, Germany. Yoga entered my life when I was 32. Glimpses of understanding and happiness came to me, and at some point I simply couldn't go back to my office life. I trained as a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga was a good change. But I was still not really happy.

After doing various group and single therapies, I gathered courage and allowed myself more and more to dream of a completely free and happy life. For me that includes living in nature, a communal life style and the possibility of travelling. The more I truly lived my dream, the less effort things became. I got so much support from life itself, my beloved partner, my family and friends whenever I followed the truth of my heart. Of course I encountered difficulties along the way, but looking back I see that those difficulties actually helped me to grow and to become more pure, beautiful and courageous.

Now I am living close to nature in an International community in Costa Rica and temporarily Berlin. I travel between 3 continents, and I dream, work and paint whatever life inspires me to. And this is Shakti, the creative force behind all manifestation in art and everything else.“

Here is an insight into the practical side of the art making of the Shakticards:

How are the Shakticards made - what techniques and colors are used?
First thing is usually an idea. It can be anything: a feeling, a tree, or a beautiful yoga posture. The idea crystallizes while I make pencil and color sketches. Sometimes I use photographs to work out the details. When the composition is clear I make a precise outline drawing with a black grease crayon – usually letter size. I photocopy the drawing, color the copy with water colors and set highlights with opaque white. When it's finished it will be scanned, followed by layout and printing.

How long does it take to make an image?
I generally work slowly and very precisely, particularly in the finishing phase. It takes several weeks or one month untill it is mature.

Any special skills?
I have loved to draw, paint and do delicate works since my childhood. In my teens and at art collage I had lessons in nature and figure drawing and met some inspiring art teachers. Traditional art education was a valuable foundation for me. The Indian touch came with the influence of the yoga. I learned from Asian miniature painting by observing.

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