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Snatam Kaur & Band in Concert BERLIN, NOUVELLE: 20.04.2021

Snatam Kaur & Band in Concert BERLIN, NOUVELLE: 20.04.2021

Peace Through Sacred Chants Tour

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This concert has been postponed to April 20, 2021!

Due to the Covid-19 wave (Coronavirus) and official governmental order this concert with Snatam Kaur & Band had to be postponed from 07.04.2020 to 20.04.2021!

As a ticket vendor, we have no influence on changes in the dates of events on the part of the organiser, especially not in the case of official governmental orders due to force majeure.

All already purchased tickets remain fully valid for the new date! *
* A return and refund of the ticket are therefore not possible.

We thank you from our heart for your kind understanding!

Please read the latest message of Snatam Kaur and her management:

Dear Beloveds,

This message is to inform you all that due to the sudden global spread of the COVID-19 and the risk it is posing to our most vulnerable populations, we find ourselves in the challenging and abrupt position of postponing most of the Spring 2020 European Tour concerts and workshops.

Because we are a small team and this unprecedented situation escalated very quickly, this process is taking more time than we could have anticipated and there are still many pieces of the puzzle to sort through. As a result and because of the many unknowns, we are working diligently to be mindful of our communication and to only express what we know has been confirmed.

So far, almost all events that have been rescheduled will now take place just about a year from their original date, in Spring of 2021.

If you are to visit any one of the many social media platforms and websites where the events are listed, please note that some of the 2020 concert dates have remained unchanged from their original event date. This is for a number of reasons - either the event has not yet been postponed, we are unable to postpone without government mandate because the country in question has not yet extended a ban of public gatherings beyond the event date, or a postponement date has not yet been confirmed with the venue and producer(s). We are working hard to sort out these details and will continue to update our website and social media with this information as it solidifies and we humbly ask that you please be patient with us throughout this process.

And finally, if you have already purchased tickets for ANY of the events which have been or may be postponed, please know that they will remain valid for the rescheduled event dates. We would greatly appreciate it if everyone who is able to attend the new dates holds onto their tickets, as it will enable us and our team of dedicated producers to move forward with planning these events to the very best of our abilities while also ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of all.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone during this challenging time and we hope that all beings receive the love, care, and upliftment they need to weather this storm.

Admiralspalast, Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin

Tuesday, 20.04.2021. Begins: 19:30 Uhr. Open door: 18:30 Uhr

Category 1:

  • Balkon Mitte, Tür 4+6, Reihe 2, Plätze (Tür 4) 26-35; (Tür 6) 36-45
  • Parkett, Tür 8, Reihe 2, Plätze 27-37
  • Parkett, Tür 2, Reihe 3, Plätze 3-16

Category 2:

  • Balkon Links, Tür 2, Reihe 2, Plätze 7-14
  • Balkon Rechts, Tür 7, Reihe 2, Plätze 57-64
  • Parkett, Tür 7, Reihe 3, Plätze 35-36
  • Parkett, Tür 8, Reihe B, Plätze 26-29
  • Parkett, Tür 3, Reihe 12, Plätze 1-15

Category 3:

  • Balkon Mitte, Tür 3, Reihe 6, Plätze 1-9
  • Balkon Mitte, Tür 7, Reihe 6, Plätze 22-30
  • Parkett, Tür 4, Reihe 14, Plätze 8-11
  • Parkett, Tür 5, Reihe 15, Plätze 25-40
  • Rang Mitte, Tür 4, Reihe 2, Plätze 31-35

Category 4: SOLD OUT!

  • Rang Mitte, Tür 5, Reihe 6, Plätze 5-11
  • Rang Mitte, Tür 7, Reihe 6, Plätze 27-31

Category 5: SOLD OUT!
(The view in category 5 may be restricted)

  • Rang Mitte, Tür 6, Reihe 8, Plätze 20-26
  • Rang Mitte, Tür 7, Reihe 8, Plätze 26-33
  • Rang Rechts, Tür 10, Reihe 2, Plätze 80-85

Seating Plan Admiralspalast Berlin (PDF)

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Snatam Kaur: Peace Through Sacred Chants Tour 2021

Snatam Kaur: Peace Through Sacred Chants Tour 2021

La musique de Snatam Kaur inspire les gens du monde entier. Chaque concert est une expérience de paix et dévotion. Nouvelles dates pour tous les concerts!

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