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Yogimat PRO Pink, 183 x 61 cm x 5 mm

Yogimat PRO Pink, 183 x 61 cm x 5 mm

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Weight: 1,30 kg  1,30 kg
EAN: 4250193561703
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The yoga mat yogimat PRO consists of the relatively newly developed TPE-foam (thermo-plastical Elastomere), a fantastic material. It is therefore especially environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Moreover, the yogimat pro is highly anti-slippery, hygienic and hypo-allergen.

An environmentally friendly innovation – the yogimat pro is fully recyclable and biodegradable
The environmental friendliness of the yogimat pro already begins with its production, because the received by-products are being recycled to save on resources. The mat itself is also recyclable. If despite its persistence you really want to get rid of it one day, it will re-integrate again into the cycle of nature: the TPE-cells dissolve with the time and leave nothing but non-toxic water and elements which are dissolved by the air.

The yogimat pro offers a great grip, it is anti-slippery and very comfortable
The yogimat pro is highly anti-slippery! Because of its specially constructed cell-structure, this yoga mat offers a great grip, offering you a lot of stability in all Asanas. On top of that, the thickness of 5 mm make it a very comfortable yoga mat.

Bi-color design - the perfect look!
The optical appearance of the yogimat pro is simply chic and noble: nice colors and a balanced harmony between the two colors make each yoga mat a real eye-catcher. Disregarding which of the two sides you prefer – each side has its individual patterning with its own optical appearance. This is environmental awareness in a highly esthetically look, while offering great performance and comfort!

A yoga mat with hygiene-bonus
The tight cellular structure of the yogimat pro avoids the absorption of sweat or other liquids which makes it easy to keep it clean and hygienic.

Suitable for allergy sufferers
The yogimat pro consists of the hypo-allergenic TPE-material. It neither contains any PVC, nor latex or rubber, or any related materials. This makes it the perfect yoga mat doe allergy sufferers.

Measures: 183 cm x 61 cm. Thickness: 5 mm.
Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Weight: 1.300 gms.
Colors: Pink (light-dark).

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