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Yogi Tea Floor Display "Bee Happy", 64 Yogi Teas

Yogi Tea Floor Display "Bee Happy", 64 Yogi Teas

Inhalt : 64 Schachteln YogiTees, gemischt

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Yogi Tea® Bee Happy display floor stand. Limited Edition!

Yogi Tea Bee Happy specifically supports the wild bees to which we owe so much, and yet which are so threatened. The basis of this tea is formed by plants that are particularly popular with wild bees as a food source and have found their way into this floral blend after flowering. In addition, selected growers are provided with nesting aids and the German Wildlife Foundation is also supported in its work for wild bees.

Contents: 64 boxes of Yogi Tea

1. display with 64 tea packs incl. top sign as well as 60 info brochures with holder.
2. attention-grabbing POS materials
3. print templates for trade inserts and advertisements.

The advantages of the "Bee Happy" promotion:
1. an effective impulse pack that creates an incentive for trial and follow-up purchases
2. easy handling due to market-ready design.

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Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea - the Ayurvedic Tea Classic: With its seductive fragrance and delicious taste, Yogi Tea is a unique experience. All ingredients certified organic.

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Yogi Tea Bee Happy:
Peppermint* (30%), apple*, chamomile flowers* (14%), licorice*, white hibiscus*, rosemary*, sage*, lavender flowers* (2.5%), thyme*, yarrow*, oregano*.

Yogi Tea Heartwarming:
Basil*, licorice*, dried lemon juice*, orange peel*, cinnamon*, ginger* (2%), chili pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*.

Yogi Tea Green Energy:
Green tea* (68%), lemon grass*, guarana* (7%), peppermint*, ginger* (3%), elderflower*, black pepper*, natural flavour, dried kombucha drink*, bergamot oil*, lemon verbena*.

Yogi Tea Women's Energy:
Hibiscus* (38%), licorice*, peppermint*, raspberry leaves*, black pepper*, angelica root extract, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*.

Yogi Tea Ginkgo:
Ginkgo* (15%), ginger*, lemon grass* (15%), licorice*, peppermint* (10%), lemon verbena* (8%), basil*, lemon balm*, cardamom*, black pepper*.

* from controlled organic cultivation


Burchardstraße 24
D-20095 Hamburg

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