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 Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar 2021

Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar 2021

24 Yogi Teas & Inspirations for a Happy Advent Season

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For the most wonderful time of the year:
24 Yogi Teas for 24 days of pleasant Christmas anticipation.

Enjoy the festive variety of 24 selected Yogi Teas for a reflective Advent season with this beautifully designed, lush Advent calendar.

  • Lovely design – perfect for the emotional Advent season
  • Fold-out calendar in a handy gift package
  • 24 wise and inspiring quotes & a teabag behind each little door
  • Ideal as a gift and for YOGI TEA® lovers

With 24 different YOGI TEA® topsellers:

  • Christmas Tea (2 teabags)
  • Classic
  • Ginger Lemon
  • Bedtime Tea
  • Throat Comfort
  • Turmeric Chai
  • Lemon Mint
  • Bright Mood
  • Turmeric Orange
  • Choco
  • Women's Tea
  • Ginger Orange with Vanilla
  • Himalaya
  • Stomach Ease
  • Immune Support
  • Relax
  • Women's Balance
  • Sweet Chilli
  • Rooibos
  • Feel Pure Lemon
  • Alkaline Herbs
  • Minty Chlorella
  • Breathe Deep

Contents: 24 tea bags (total net weight 46,2 g)
Multilingual Box: German, French, Dutch
Note for commercial traders in English language: English box available upon request

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea - the Ayurvedic Tea Classic: With its seductive fragrance and delicious taste, Yogi Tea is a unique experience. All ingredients certified organic.

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Christmas Tea - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Rooibos*, cinnamon* (13%), licorice*, coriander*, honeybush* (6%), orange peel*, cloves*, black pepper*, anise*, dried lemon juice*, star anise* (3%), cardamom*, roasted chicory*, lime*, orange oil*, cinnamon oil*.

Classic - Ayurvedic Spice Infusion
Cinnamon* (52%), ginger* (17%), cardamom* (16%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.

Ginger Lemon - Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit Infusion1
Ginger* (43%), licorice*, lemon grass*, black pepper* (5%), lemon peel* (4%), peppermint* (4%), lemon oil* (3%), hibiscus*, dried lemon juice* (2%).

Bedtime - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion
Fennel* (31%), chamomile flowers* (19%), peppermint*, lemon balm*, cardamom*, lemon grass*, sage* (4,5%), lavender flowers* (4%), hops* (2%), nutmeg*.

Throat Comfort - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Licorice* (32%), fennel* (23%), cinnamon*, orange peel* (8%), ginger* (4%), thyme* (4%), mullein*, orange oil*, lemon oil*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*, turmeric root*.

Turmeric Chai - Ayurvedic Turmeric & Spice Infusion
Turmeric root* (55%), cinnamon* (14%), liquorice*, ginger* (7%), cardamom* (3%), black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shells*, cloves*.

Lime Mint - Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit Infusion1
* (29%), dried lime fruit* (15%), spearmint* (15%), peppermint* (15%), cardamom* (15%), dried lemon juice* (4%), turmeric root*, ginger*, cinnamon*, cloves*, black pepper*.

Bright Mood - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Cinnamon* (17%), ginger*, fennel*, licorice*, anise*, cardamom*, orange peel* (3%), hops* (3%), basil*, orange oil*, black pepper*, lavender flowers*, fenugreek*, yarrow*, cloves*, cinnamon oil*.

Turmeric Orange - Ayurvedic Turmeric, Spice & Fruit Infusion1
Turmeric root* (50%), licorice*, cinnamon*, orange peel* (9%), apple*, ginger*, black pepper*, cardamom*, orange oil* (1%), cocoa shells*, vanilla beans* (1%), white hibiscus*, fennel*, mace*, cloves*.

Choco - Ayurvedic Spice Infusion
Cocoa shells* (56%), cinnamon* (15%), liquorice* (14%), carob*, barley malt*, fat-reduced cocoa powder* (2%), cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, ginger oil*, black pepper*, vanilla extract*, cinnamon oil*, vanilla beans*.

Women's Tea - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion
Ginger* (15%), orange peel* (14%), cinnamon*, fennel*, chamomile flowers* (9%), dandelion*, barley malt*, liquorice*, orange oil*, black pepper*, juniper berries*, cardamom*, cloves*, angelica root extract*.

Ginger Orange with Vanilla - Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit Infusion1
Ginger* (41%), licorice*, lemon grass*, orange peel* (4%), black pepper*, vanilla extract* (3%), orange oil* (3%), peppermint* (2,5%), anise*.

Himalaya - Ayurvedic Spice Infusion
Ginger* (39%), fennel* (34%), cinnamon* (20%), anise*, coriander*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*, liquorice*.

Stomach Ease - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion
Cardamom* (17%), fennel* (17%), coriander*, barley malt*, liquorice* (13%), peppermint* (9%), ginger* (6%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cloves*.

Immune Support - Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit Infusion
Echinacea* (25%), rose hips*, dried acerola juice* (14%), basil* (13%), cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, elderberries* (4%), black pepper*, moringa leaves*, hibiscus*, cocoa shells*, liquorice*, fennel*.

Relax - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion
Chamomile flowers* (17%), fennel*, linden flowers* (15%), cardamom*, barley malt*, hibiscus*, liquorice*, alfalfa*, raspberry leaves*, orange peel*, rose hips* (2%), cinnamon*, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*.

Women's Balance - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Raspberry leaves* (35%), licorice*, lemon verbena* (13%), cinnamon* (12%), lemon balm*, ginger*, thyme*, lavender flowers*, oregano*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*.

Sweet Chili - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Licorice* (35%), cocoa shells* (14%), spearmint* (11%), fennel*, anise*, ginger*, peppermint* (5%), nettle*, cinnamon* (2%), chili pepper* (1%), cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*.

Rooibos - Ayurvedic Spice Infusion with Rooibos
Rooibos* (70%), cinnamon* (11%), ginger* (4%), carob*, roasted chicory*, cardamom* (2,5%), cloves* (1,5%), black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, ginger oil*, cardamom oil*, vanilla extract*.

Feel Pure with Lemon - Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit Infusion
Lemon grass*, dandelion* (23%), cinnamon*, ginger* (12%), liquorice* (8%), lemon peel* (7%), lemon balm*, peppermint*, lemon oil*.

Alkaline Herbs - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion
Lemon grass*, lemon balm*, dandelion* (10%), nettle*, spearmint*, raspberry leaves*, green oat grass* (4%), lavender flowers* (4%), fennel*, carrot*, linden flowers*, birch leaves*, alfalfa*, parsley*.

Minty Chlorella - Ayurvedic Herb Infusion
Peppermint* (27%), lemon grass* (25%), liquorice*, basil*, lemon balm*, white hibiscus*, moringa*, dried lime fruit*, chlorella* (1%), baobab fruit*, nettle*.

Breathe Deep - Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion1
Eucalyptus* (26%), licorice*, ginger*, basil* (6%), cardamom*, cinnamon*, mullein*, alfalfa*, fennel*, thyme* (3%), elecampane*, vanilla extract*, cloves*, black pepper*, vanilla beans*.

* certified organic
1 Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.


Non-EU agriculture


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D-20095 Hamburg

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