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Yogi Bhajan Subliminals: Stress Release CD

Yogi Bhajan Subliminals: Stress Release CD

Stress Release

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The Successful Living Series is designed to support the listner in achieving a level of being in life that is complete, satisfying and healthy. It can be used with an intention of developing more rewarding relationships, a deeper sense of satisfaction in business, or merely to enhance an already successful lifestyle.

These six CD series are effective when used individually, especially if listened to for 62 minuetes daily for forty days. The overall effect can be enhanced when used in conjuction with 62 minutes daily listening of the Success CD.
It's recommended that you keep notes on your progress. Write down changes that you're experiencing in the areas that you're working on. Some will be major some will be subtle. It's not unusual to feel uncomfortable the first time you listen to these tapes. The effects of the sound current created by Yogi Bhajan Ph.D are so powerful that you may began to experience your blocks almost immediately. Within a few days you will begin to enjoy the results, and should feel lighter about any of your issues that you wish to change. THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS IS TO KEEP UP, MAKE YOUR PROGRAM WORK FOR YOU.

Each CD of this series contains (hearable) music, mostly kept simple and easy, and (nit consciously hearable) Affirmations by Yogi Bhajan, which communicate directly with the subconscious. Subliminals were a big hit in the 80’s. Now the popular subliminals of Yogi Bhajan are available again in this new released CD-edition.

Subject of this CD: STRESS RELEASE.

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