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Yogeshwar Muscle- and Joint Massage oil, 1 liter

Yogeshwar Muscle- and Joint Massage oil, 1 liter

Therapeutic bottle, by Aashwamedh

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Yogeshwar - this means strength, flexibility and vitality.

In one of the ancient manuals of Ayurveda it is described that regular practice oiling the body with Yogeshwar oil - in the ancient Vedic texts also called Narayan Thailam - strengthens the muscles and helps people cope better with physical stress .

Yogeshwar Ayurveda oil is known for its rejuvenating effect - a massage with this Ayurvedic oil makes you feel fresh, relaxed and with new strengths. You sleep better and feel a general physical and mental well-being.

Yogeshwar Ayurveda oil is formulated according to an ancient traditional Ayurvedic formula, which aims to ensure that all the benefits of Ayurvedic massage are given to the whole people.

The products Aashwamedh Ayurveda are all natural and are produced in a small family business according to very old Ayurvedic recipes with old methods.

Sesame oil with extracts of herbs of Whitania somnifera, cordifolia Asdi, Asparagus racemosus, cardamom.

Contents: 1l.

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