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Yoga mat Standard OM Ako Yoga

Yoga mat Standard OM Ako Yoga

The Yoga Mat Standard by Ako Yoga is the affordable, good and practical yoga companion for all occasions, free of any toxic substances, Oeko-Tex-certified.

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An affordable Yogamat for all!

An affordable Yogamat for all!

The Yogamat Standard by Ako Yoga is a handy, practical tool for your yoga practice. It provides a stable, slip-resistant surface in the known and very popular nap structure material, while being light and durable. It isolates well against cold grounds and can be used in folded or rolled form to support yoga postures. The standard yogamats are free of Phthalates and thus of substances classified as hazardous to health plasticizers. The standard yoga mats are also free from AZO colors and are Ecotex-certified.

The Yoga mat Standard is tested, hypoallergenic and pH-neutral. it is non-slippery, flexible with good damping properties, easy to clean and washable - and all that at a very affordable price!

Care tips:
You can wipe the standard yoga mat simply with a moist cloth or wash it in the washing machine at a maximum of 40°C and with very little detergent. The Yoga mat Standard should not be spun or placed in the dryer. To dry, lay it flat or roll it up thoroughly with a towel. To increase slip resistance, we recommend wiping the yoga mat with a moist cloth before use - but don't let the mat becoem too wet, since otherwise it will become slippery!

Size: 183 x 61 cm x 4 mm thickness

Available in four different colors:

  • Aqua (Light Blue)
  • Violet
  • Blue (Royal Blue)
  • Pink

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