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A Slice of the Beloved - Gurutej Khalsa

A Slice of the Beloved - Gurutej Khalsa

Yoga for Couples

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"You are welcome to have a relationship with me. I love God, you love God; we will have a relationship. You want to walk the path with me. Walk. The path is very simple. I compassionately live; you should live compassionately."
- Yogi Bhajan.

Of all the jobs we hold in life, the most important are the intimate relations we share with those we love. Throughout our days and years, we strive for connection, compassion, understanding, and ultimately a bond between hearts and minds. It is not necessarily our fault that we don't always achieve these goals. While the finest intentions may run through every move we make, often our technique, our energy and our creativity fall short. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining a marriage or participating in a loving relationship, we rarely, if ever, receive training in how to find a path to pleasure and consciousness.

Who is this book for? This book is for You. A relationship is the jewel of your life. A relationship is also the transformer of all transformers. The position of the beloved is not if, but how. Not when, but how - this is devotion. We all want it so let's see how to give and receive it. Do you ever feel that you just want that big bird of paradise to swoop down and save you? Forget the knight in shining armor; we need something wilder and more fun, right? How about you? Are you ready to rescue and resuscitate yourself?

There are many good reasons for this book. Flip through it and try a couple of things. Do you feel different? Better? More balanced and powerful? Then buy a copy for yourself and three friends. If you don't notice any changes, give it to someone who will profit from it. Don't just buy it and stick it on your shelf; it won't help you there.

A Slice of the Beloved is a wonderful book which is about your becoming a great lover first to yourself and then spreading it into all your relationships. What we are exposed to is contagious, so what you choose to surround yourself with matters and will radiate out to everybody. Many of us are lacking in the self-care department, which is all about self love. How are you doing in this arena? Do you want more self care, more self love? It is not acceptable that we have the time to be mothers or fathers, martyrs to our jobs, and much more, yet we don't have time to nurture ourselves. Find time for you and schedule it on your calendar. If you can't offer love to yourself, you can't build other relationships.

A Slice of the Beloved offers you practices which you can do for at least 120 days, and then things will change. You will change and become radiant. It will become contagious — others will want to know what you are doing. This is the easiest way to share these great tools with others. Become the radiant you and then share them if asked.

The first rule is to have a great relationship with yourself. Then you can take that out into all your other relationships. All relationships are intimate. It doesn't mean you physically make love with everyone. It means that the only relationships that can ever succeed are those ones based on love. How do you get a love connection in all your relationships? Follow the yellow brick road and turn the pages of this book!

This book is about intimate relationships, yet many of these tools can be applied to other relationships in your life. The key to nurturing all relationships is feeding the connection. Do you want to know how to do that? Then follow me, through the pages of this book, on a great adventure. Think of it as a treasure hunt -- you are the treasure being found. Use these tools to unearth the treasure.
This is a workbook so you can work at your own pace. Doing something once is great, but really building a relationship with anything takes time. Slow cook yourself with this book. You will emerge so much brighter, more powerful and capable of loving and being loved. Sound good? Then make a commitment to incorporate these practices into your life for at least 40 days, preferably 120 days, to create a shiny new habit.

Format: ca. 18,2 x 26 cm, many photos and illustrations, paperback, 146 pages.
Language: English.

Gurutej Kaur Khalsa is a teacher in the principals of energy and relationship which she considers to be the essence of life. Recognized worldwide as a Master Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Gurutej Kaur is first and foremost, wholeheartedly committed to community outreach and responding to philanthropic causes. She has sponsored programs to feed the homeless at Los Angeles area missions, teaches weekly yoga classes and her center sponsors the children of an inner city center at holiday time. She was recently interviewed for the new Braveheart Women Series, a web TV series and website to uplift and inspire women everywhere. She has Kundalini Yoga DVDs with topics relevant for our times. Her book A Slice of the Beloved is her passion to help couples have both great energy and great relationships. She teaches in Canada, Mexico, Europe, India and all over the USA.

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