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White Sun (Vol. 1) - White Sun CD

White Sun (Vol. 1) - White Sun CD

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White Sun is a Los Angeles-based spiritual music band comprised of two Yogis and an Emmy Award-Winning Composer. They made a historic chart debut by reaching Number 1 on iTunes’ World Music category in the first 12-hours of its presale.

Their self-titled debut album White Sun includes 15 diverse tracks ranging from contemporary pop songs and layered vocal solos to orchestral pieces and stringed ensembles, all fantastically coupled with the naad-power of ancient mantras and sounds. The album also features an incredibly wide range of musical instruments such as orchestral harp, celtic harp, tabla, guitar, taiko drums, bass, harmonium, banjo, mandolin, frame drum, metallophone, and two solo gong tracks.

The track Trinity has rapidly gained popularity for its complex layered melodies, sung acapella by acclaimed lead vocalist Gurujas. The album’s track Ardas Choir features a 20-person choir, creating a stirring medieval and dreamy sound, while Rakhe Rakhanhar sounds like a modern-day pop balad.

White Sun vibrates the 600 year-old written language called Gurmukhi, which derives from Sanskrit with Persian influences. This written language is used in Naad Yoga, the science of sound vibrations and how they work on body, mind, and spirit through the movement of the tongue and the mouth, and the changes in the chemicals in the brain.


  • Trinity (02:24)
  • Aap Sahaee Hoa (04:22)
  • Rakhe Rakhanhar (04:53)
  • Ong Namo (04:14)
  • Rom Rom (04:41)
  • Mul Mantra (06:08)
  • Healing Gong (01:30)
  • Ardas (04:58)
  • Lakshman (05:14)
  • Sat Nam (07:26)
  • Ammatay (04:10)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (05:08)
  • Wish Fulfilling Gong (03:33)
  • Guru Ram Das (03:59)
  • Ardas Choir (01:32)

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