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White Sun III (Vol. 3) - White Sun, 2 CD-Set

White Sun III (Vol. 3) - White Sun, 2 CD-Set

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The Californian trio White Sun reinvents itself with every album. On their third album White Sun III, which offers a lot of different tracks as a double CD, they create a symphonic, relaxed atmosphere in which the bright, beautiful voice of singer Gurujas Kaur is embedded softly, just like a cloud.

This spherical music carries a meditative wave full of gentleness, beauty and abundance, as well as a pleasantly discreet dynamic, making it ideal for switching off, letting go, relaxing and meditating.



  • Anik Naad (04:21)
  • Wah Yantee One (04:55)
  • Adi Shakti (06:07)
  • Guru Ram Das Song (03:31)
  • Aisa Naam (06:15)
  • Ong Sohung (02:22)
  • Ek Ong Kar (02:20)
  • Mala Kal Sat (04:27)
  • Har Singh Nar Singh (05:44)
  • Asankh Naav (03:09)
  • Ek Ong Kar Lullaby (02:14)


  • Jat Pahara (02:05)
  • Ram Ram (02:59)
  • Sa Re Sa Sa (02:35)
  • Say Saraswati (05:03)
  • Sochai Soch (04:51)
  • Teree Mer (03:43)
  • Eka Mai (03:30)
  • Thithai Too (04:26)
  • Mere Lal Jio (03:42)
  • Pavan Pavan (04:41)
  • Wah Yantee Two (03:16)
  • Jai Te Gang (05:38)

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