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The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation - Dr. J.M. Levry

The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation - Dr. J.M. Levry

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The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation, by international best-selling author, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (also known as Gurunam), is a metaphysical treatise on the natural forces that shape all of life. Heredity is not destiny. Beyond our everyday understanding of sexual intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, birth, parenting, familial harmony and our constant yearning to enrich future generations, is a resplendent library of limitless knowledge that can positively transform the entire human race.

In this practical guide, Dr. Levry reveals the science of resolving karmic burdens that visit family lineages across generations. Anyone disposed to depression, alcoholism, mental illness, addiction, obesity, and otherwise, will find enormous value in this treasured work.

Parents learn the art of passing on the best traits to a child, and all of us can work most intelligently with the dynamic forces that shape who we are today. Awareness that the human genome is evolved through our thoughts, feelings and behaviors is key to transmuting our base nature into gold. This book will bring out the very best in you and help you to inspire others in their life's quest for meaning and happiness.

  • Over 90 Natural Healing Remedies
  • Over 60 Self-Healing Meditations & Techniques
  • Softcover, format approx. 14 x 21,5 cm
  • 478 pages, incl. Photos
  • Language: English

If you are looking for a guiding compass through darkness; to expand the mind and blossom the heart; to heal ailments and trauma you didnt know you had — pick up this hook. If you are longing to look in the mirror and say, “I like you. I might even love you” — get to know Naam. To encounter Naam is to have a peek inside the ever-turning, ever-evolving kaleidoscope of ALL THAT IS. Which is to say, all that YOU are.“
— Elizabeth Koch, founder of New Balloon Media and Unlikely Collaborators; co-founder of Catapult and Tiny Blue Dot Foundation

Dr. Levry brilliantly guides us to embrace a new wave of consciousness for today’s human race. We stand on the threshold of a new dawn of enlightenment where the strength of the divine feminine can soar, create and hold the space for great and positive change. Let’s tap into our soft power and reclaim our good as co-creators of life!“
— Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient; Founder, The Girls* Lounge; and Co-Founder, #SeeHer

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