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Turmeric Brainwave Pukka organic, 30 capsules

Turmeric Brainwave Pukka organic, 30 capsules

Organic Dietary supplement

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Natural plant formula with iodine for concentration and clarity

Our mind is constantly being stimulated by the fast-paced energy of modern life, however this can leave us feeling unfocussed and struggling to spark those brainwaves. Pukka‘s organic Turmeric Brainwave can help the mind to break through the noise of modern life, restoring our concentration, our memory and motivation. Whether challenged by exam stress, work demands, poor memory or succumbing to age, Pukka's incredible blend of herbs including Brahmi and Gotu Kola can help you meet challenges head on.

Brahmi and Gotu Kola are two of Ayurveda's supreme herbs of the mind. They are said to enhance circulation to help improve memory, learning ability and concentration. They can also help create an illuminating sense of calm, keeping you level-headed. Naturally contained Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function and an energy-yielding metabolism.

Pukka’s organic Turmeric Brainwave uses a unique extraction process to obtain Wholistic™ Turmeric* which retains all 200+ active compounds. This ensures a powerful, concentrated extract that maximises the synergistic benefits.

Sebastian Pole, herbal expert and co-founder of Pukka, says of Turmeric Brainwave:
"Turmeric brainwaveas the name suggestswas developed for a clear focus on everyday tasks. The ayurvedic herbal formula contains true treasures of nature for a cool head. Especially at work, many of us find it difficult to concentrate on a constant basis, and we know that the fear of not being up-to-the-minute mentally upsets many. Therefore, we are grateful for plants that contain iodine, for example. Exercise, restful sleep and a reduction in stress levels play a significant role alongside a healthy diet."

* Wholistic ™ Turmeric Extract:
The Wholistic™ extract process is a Pukka-patented extraction process with a whole plant spectrum. Pukka uses both traditional extraction methods (water and water-alcohol extraction) and the advanced CO2 extraction process to extract all the active components of the plant. The result of th
is unique extraction method is a more concentrated herbal mixtureup to 10 times more concentrated than conventionally derived plant powders or capsules.

Content: 30 capsules of 580 mg (17.4 g)

Special Price! Best before date: end 09/2021

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