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Tulsi Churna organic, 100 g (Seyfried)

Tulsi Churna organic, 100 g (Seyfried)

Indian Basil, by Seyfried

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Tulsi (also called "Tulasi", the indian basil, botanical name Ocimum sanctum) is traditionally used in Ayurveda. The multiple benefits of Tulsi are described in many ways: it is said to strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism and help to reduce stress and mental tension. Therefore Tulsi is a specialty both as a cooking ingredient and as a herbal tea.

In the Indian philosophy, Tulsi is considered as the manifestation of the revered god Vishnu. According to tradition, the Hindu goddess Tulasidevi manifested in this healing plant to serve the people and protect them. As it is considered the queen of herbs, tulsi is planted in India as a sacred plant in the garden of each temple or house - without this plant in the yard or garden, the house of a Hindu would be incomplete.

Certified organic.
Contents: 100 g (powder, finely ground).

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Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)*
* from controlled organic cultivation

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool and dry place


Non-EU agriculture (India)


Seyfrieds Naturwaren GbR
Industriestrasse 29
D-49082 Osnabrück

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