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Tooth Powder Hunakea, 25 g (glass jar)

Tooth Powder Hunakea, 25 g (glass jar)

ICADA certified natural cosmetics

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Hunakea tooth powder is a vegan and biologically pure dental care powder (ICADA Natural Sign – natural cosmetics) for daily use, which cleanses the teeth thoroughly and long-lasting. Hunakea tooth powder is a "tooth salt" and a fully fledged alternative to traditional toothpaste. It contains no surfactants, therefore does not foam, and is free of any fluorides. It is also good as a mouthwash.

The Hunakea tooth powder is tasty and has a subtle, refreshing and natural mint and citrus flavor. It and can be used with all types of toothbrushes, and unfolds its full effect even in soft bristles. The microfine degree of grinding ensures a pleasant feel and prevents plaster damage due to coarse grains of salt.

The application is very economical. We recommend to use the accompanying little scoop (1 heaped portion) to accumulate the tooth salt on a base and to pick it up with the moistened toothbrush.

Application – for brushing teeth

Use the accompanying little scoop to put a spoonful of Hunakea toothpaste out of the jar into a small bowl and rub it into a moistened toothbrush (soft grade). Then brush the teeth normally.

Application – as a mouthwash and oral irrigator

Using the accompanying little scoop, place three spoonfuls of Hunakea tooth powder out of the jar into a cup filled with water. Gargle with the liquid and rinse well in the mouth.

Applicationfor tongue cleaning

Pre-clean the tongue with a tongue scraper. Use the scoop to place a spoonful of Hunakea tooth salt out of the jar into a small bowl. Rub the tooth salt in a moistened toothbrush (medium hardness).
Then brush off the tongue with the dental powder well.

  • Content: 25 g, in a noble glass jar
  • Incl. small dosing spoon and description
  • Sufficient for approximately 100 applications
  • ICADA certified natural cosmetics

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