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Tongue Scraper Nimi Premium, Silver

Tongue Scraper Nimi Premium, Silver

57% silver, 36% copper

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The tongue is a reliable indicator of our health. According to the tradition of Ayurveda, the tongue especially shows the Ama (literal meaning: raw, uncooked, undigested, immature), those substances known as “metabolic waste”, which in Ayurveda are seen as a cause of imbalances and even diseases. A whitish coating all over the tongue indicates that Ama is present in the whole body. If only the back third of the tongue is coated, Ama is mainly found in the intestine. If the tongue shows a brownish covering, also the Vata dosha is disturbed.

Particularly overnight, slag and toxins are excreted through the tongue. A thorough cleaning with a tongue scraper in the morning after brushing the teeth can effectively help to remove this waste and to contribute to a healthy oral flora.

The tongue scraper Nimi Premium Silver is the "Mercedes" of tongue scrapers: particularly sophisticated and made of high quality, very effective and carrying the energetic benefits of pure silver.

Length approx. 11 cm
Width ca. 4,3 cm
Contents of silver 57%, copper base.

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