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 Tibetan Healing Incense, 18 sticks

Tibetan Healing Incense, 18 sticks

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The Original Tibetan Healing Incense sticks have been used for centuries, traditionally to relieve stress and tension. They include 31 different herbal ingredients that are collected primarily in the Himalayan region and are known also under the name Agar 31.

Tibetan Healing Incense thus involves an unusual blend of vital herbs as herbal powder which is used in Tibetan medicine for so-called Wind diseases - from an Ayurvedic point of view these are imbalances of the Body due to an imbalance of the Vata-Dosha. The powder is sprinkled on glowing coal and the rising smoke is inhaled.

The Tibetan Healing Incense sticks are amongst the most popular classic incenses. Pure quality without any additives, relaxing and healing.

Contents: 18 sticks (approx. 18 g)
Length approx. 14 cm.

Further Information:
The Tibetan Tara Healing Incense, like all Tibetan Incense sticks, are produced by hand from completely natural ingredients, without any synthetic substances or additives. The Incense sticks are made of herbs and plants that are used in Tibetan medicine for centuries, especially in religious ceremonies and for meditation. It is said that by burning this incense, evil spirits and bad thoughts will be dispelled from the mind, and that it protects the user from negative energy. In addition, the warm enveloping fragrance promotes purity and calmness.

The Tibetan incense sticks are brought in shape from a kind of dough, which is kneaded very long by hand and consists of water and at least 25 different herbs of the highest purity and in varying composition. Subsequently, this dough is gently dried in the shade to keep its fragrance and quality.

The herbs grow naturally in the Himalayas and are being very carefully selected and harvested. It is said that the plants that grow in this area carry a strong vitality and have healing powers, which is due to their proximity to the gods and of course the pristine, natural environment.

Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense are purely natural and manufactured by hand without any synthetic substances. They are pure, authentic and traditional

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Reviews on this product 5/5 (2)

ottimo prodotto

Incensi che donano serenità e piacere con loro profumi,creano un atmosfera di ace che ispira alla preghiera!Consigliatissimo

Surprisingly Good

I ordered some to test it for my anxiety disorder. So far this incense has helped to relieve stress and make me calmer. As for depression it has not worked, but without stress such is much easier to cope with.

Those with asthma may wish to reconsider for this caused breathing problems for my mother due to the strong scent. Personally I am certain to order some more. The healing effect was something I doubted, but it works!

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