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Thunder Cloud Gong CD - Nanak Dev Singh CD

Thunder Cloud Gong CD - Nanak Dev Singh CD

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This Gong-CD Thunder Cloud by experienced Gong-master and -teacher Nanak Dev Singh has been produced using the most sophisticated techniques available. There has been no artificial alteration to the sound of the gong. At some point in each of the meditations the sound becomes very loud. For this reason this CD is providunbg a sound tone (tracks 1 & 2) which will allow you to adjust your adio set-up prior to the meditation. The meditations are explained in the booklet.


  • 1 & 2 = Soundcheck
  • Ecstasy – focusing on the Sahasrara Chakra (17:22)
  • Shamanic Resonance – with indian medicine drum, didgeridoo and voice (13:41)
  • Fearlessness – to open blocks in the nervous system (8:34)
  • Tri Kriya – three gongs create a wall of sound (10:54)
  • Blue Ether – deep meditation to change the aura (21:39).

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