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The Healing Spirit of Ra Ma Da Sa CD

The Healing Spirit of Ra Ma Da Sa CD

by Gurunam (J. Michael Levry)

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Ra Ma Da Sa is a concentrated form of spiritual healing used by Master yogis for thousands of years to build bodily resistance to disease and treat a myriad of ailments. In fact, they believed Ra Ma Da Sa acted as an energetic tonic, improving the circulation and flow of prana throughout the entire body. This completely beneficial mantra strengthens the energy field and improves every aspect of your life.

When you listen to or chant along with this Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga Ra Ma Da Sa CD, disease, pain and sorrow move out of your life, granting you liberation from disease and freedom to move toward greater happiness. In a manner that is beyond words, this mantra fortifies the immune system in ways that are unmatched by both medicinal herbs and modern drugs alike. Your breath is a potent tool here. When you chant along with the Ra Ma Da Sa CD, the power of your breath becomes so balanced, so purified and developed that it attracts all the healing elements you could get from herbs, flowers, fruits and other natural remedies. You can attain as much healing as you desire if you work with Ra Ma Da Sa. Its capacity to serve is infinite. Simply by being in the presence of its healing vibrations, you will receive its benefits automatically. Ra Ma Da Sa is so powerful that it will bring you health and peace even if they are not written in the stars for you. It will even heal those who cannot pronounce the words correctly.
These are new compositions, they are not touching the existing topseller-CD “Ra Ma Da Sa” by Gurunam.


  • Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (I) 11:03
  • Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (II) 11:02
  • Instrumental version 10:15
  • Extended version 30:00.

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