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The Guru Singh Experience, Vol. II CD

The Guru Singh Experience, Vol. II CD

by Guru Singh Khalsa

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Guru Singh Khalsa is a celebrated first-generation Kundalini Yogi, Teacher, Author, and Musician.

Born in a spiritual familiy, Guru Singh met Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, already in 1969. From that moment on, Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation, spreading this ancient science with passion and a practical fusion of Eastern mysticism into Western pragmatism.

Guru Singh was at that time considered as the "Bob Dylan (or Donovan) of 3HO", as his music carries that original, uplifting energy of the early years of Kundalini Yoga - yet it is timelessly fun to hear! Based in Los Angeles at Yoga West and Golden Bridge Yoga Studios, he has been teaching, practicing a most regular Sadhana, and playing music for the last 40 years.

Guru Singh also created the beautiful Morning Wake Up Song ("Wake up, rise up, sweet family...") that all the yogis can hear every morning during the European Festival in France, or at the Solstice in New Mexiscon, as well as on many other Kundalini Yoga events to wake up before sunrise and going to the Sadhana!

This album, The Guru Singh Experience, Vol. II, contains three mantras, by which Guru Singh follows up on his album "The Guru Singh Experience, Vol. I", offering authentic and original Kundalini Yoga Music with an unusual depth.


  • Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (23:42)
  • Humee Hum Brahm Hum (22:06)
  • Aad Guray Nameh (22:59)

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