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The Grace of Kundalini Yoga - Yogi Bhajan DVD

The Grace of Kundalini Yoga - Yogi Bhajan DVD

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DVD Series The Master’s Touch:
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Volume Three: The Grace of Kundalini Yoga
No Meditation Included
July 26, 1996

“The first qualification of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher is: Let God fail, let His servants not. If you do not have this concept, you can never teach Kundalini Yoga.” –Yogi Bhajan

A powerful lecture indicting any notion of God being outside of us, Yogi Bhajan uses several stories to remind us of the power of Kundalini Yoga and the grace of being known: “Kundalini Yoga is not a yoga for everybody. The one who practices Kundalini Yoga commands the five tattvas, the three gunas, the seven chakras, and all the 108 elements in the universe, including the conscious creation of the Creator!”

Running Time: 1 Hour 21 Minutes
Language: English.
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

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