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The Chakra DVD Series 2: The Second Chakra - 2 DVD Set

The Chakra DVD Series 2: The Second Chakra - 2 DVD Set

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

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Chakras are centres of energy along the spine and they are connected to the different qualities of being human: From existential matters that are related to the First Chakra, to, for example, the communicative aspects of the Fifth Chakra and the relation to infinity at the seventh chakra. A deeper understanding of the Chakras as well as a set of meditations that allow you to balance the energy of your Chakras make this DVD Series a very precious tool on your journey to awareness.

Each volume of the Chakra DVD Series has two lectures and their accompanying meditations from the Master, Yogi Bhajan.

"The progressive natue of the human is to succeed ... and that is where the science of the chakras came through." - Yogi Bhajan

Including a Meditation on the Second Chakra

Lecture from January 29-30, 1991.

Running Time II a: 1 h 05 min
Running Time II b: 1 h 30 min.

Language: English
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

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