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Tantric Necklace Mala Black Pearl, Pearl & Gold

Tantric Necklace Mala Black Pearl, Pearl & Gold

6 mm

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A Tantic Necklace Mala is both jewelry and powerful yoga tool - much more than just a beautiful necklace. The special gemometric pattern and elegant design are based on ancient knowledge and subtly support intuition, clarity and power.

This is a very precious Mala that supports meditation and prayer and promotes protection and blessing.

This Tantric Necklace Mala is made of fine black pearls (6 mm), gently shimmering white pearls and gilded stones set in between. It particularly supports intuition as well as inner and outer prosperity.

Total length (opened) approx. 118 cm
Wearing length (around the neck) approx. 54 cm

We are sorry that for this item the yoga teacher discount is not applicable.

Tantric Necklace Malas

Tantric Necklace Malas

The Tantric Necklace Malas can be worn as an elegant, energetic piece of jewelry and as a powerful companion for your spiritual practice. The 416 gemstones of each Tantric Necklace are arranged in a specific geometric pattern.

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